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(Aristotle) the state of something that is fully realized

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Until our entelechy is redirected to the realm of the spirit, man's barbarity will thrive in a naturalistically closed society run astray from its potentiality to be brought up into the true scientific attitude of a genuinely open society.
This is an example of the entelechy dimension of spiritual wellness.
The system of administering justice, corrupt and politically servile, continues to be what it was a decade ago: entelechy without content in the best scenario, an active instrument of abuse against citizens in the worst.
Robb identifies several of the leading tenets of the contemporary "Religion of Secular Humanism": 1) "There is no entelechy, no built-in pattern of perfection.
If he is an Aristotelian, as I am not, it is in the sense that Aristotle makes of the word entelechy, meaning a destiny complete and rendered, whereas for other Athenians it meant a destiny ready to be striven for.
Nature is who you are, your entelechy, the seed within you.
The Greek concept of entelechy has always impressed me: that the ultimate form is contained in the seed, and the tree or animal or human being grows toward this form, malformed though he may be in the process.
For American culture, The Scarlet Letter argues that the process of American entelechy is such that its pace and progress cannot be broken.
When this happens, Mannheim speaks of the realization of potentialities inherent in the location and the development of a new generation style, or of a new generation entelechy.
Entelechy and teleology lost ground to abiogenesis--the creation of living things from simple substances--and mechanistic materialism.
Simon Bramfitt of Entelechy Associates stated "IT leadership needs to look at the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 with the same intensity of focus that they gave the Y2K Problem.
Barry Goldberg is managing director of Entelechy Partners, an executive coaching and leadership development firm.
It challenges the assumption that competence is transmitted through an original entelechy embedded in a self-reliant individual.
One such meticulous watercolor, dated April 29, 1919, shows a white wagtail next to a square divided into four sections; a diagonal of red, yellow, and blue arrows pointing toward the upper left corner somehow displays the bird's vital force, the Aristotelian entelechy, or, as the artist puts it in pencil, its "guidelines.
With the release of the vSTAC VDI R2, there can be no doubt that Pivot3 has dispelled the myth that VDI cannot compete for cost with conventional desktop PCs, said Simon Bramfitt, founder and principle analyst at Entelechy Associates.