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(Aristotle) the state of something that is fully realized

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inner forms, entelechies with their own telos (the view of the order of
113) Balme sums up the distorted position: "The extraordinary later misinterpretations of Aristotle, the magical entelechies and real specific forms, must be largely due to these imported concepts--Species, Essentia, Substantia--which presided like three witches over his rebirth in the Middle Ages, but should be banished to haunt the neo-platonism from which they came.
We seem to let the camel's nose into the tent: what is to prevent motivations from multiplying as entelechies, instincts, or drives once multiplied?
54) Distinguishing the method proper to the natural sciences from that proper to theology, Rahner says that theology has no objection to the claim of biology that living systems develop "from below," without need of any created vital principle or entelechies to explain it.
121) Force indeed spans the obscure divide between the phenomena of bodies, or spatio-temporal process, and the metaphysical realm of simples or first entelechies, which are prior to space and time.