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a slight convexity in the shaft of a column

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In addition to the phase 3 trial, GARD will work alongside the scientists at Entasis to undertake non-clinical activities such as microbiology surveys.
The Entasis product is the only one specifically developed for Neisseria gonorrhoeae" she said.
This strong phase 2 data validates Entasis' overarching mission of discovering and developing antibiotic treatments for serious drug-resistant infections using a pathogen-targeted approach," Entasis President and CEO Manos Perros said in a (http://www.
In Subtrahend, unlike Entasis, the sisal moved away from the wall and directly into the space of the viewer, sharing similarities with Hesse's Untitled (1970; Fig.
Entasis Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of innovative cures for serious drug-resistant bacterial infections.
La variacion de la luz sobre la superficie alabeada ofrece una vibracion equivalente a la producida por el entasis del fuste clasico.
Se puede ver como a pesar de que exista un comportamiento algo similar entre los niveles medios y bajos, los niveles altos presentan un comportamiento distinto con especial entasis en los anos 2004 y 2008, con un indice mas bajo que los demas; y en 2005 con un indice mas alto que el resto.
The sides lack entasis, without which the structure loses its poise.
The dissection of the forms of various sections of a barrel--such as the complex dovetailing of the front and sides, oval and round cross sections, and the tightly spanned central bulge--underscores analogies to historical framed shapes, such as the tondo and the medallion, as well as to the shafts of ancient columns that, like the barrel, are characterized by a degree of swelling or entasis.
My columns seem to taper gracefully from the bottom up, but they appear so only because they actually swell two centimeters (3⁄4'') in the middle; the Greeks called this trick entasis.
Opinions differ, but I find it curiously barbaric in design, being in the Tuscan or Roman Doric Order - not an Order much used in Britain, and one which does not employ entasis (the artificial slimming of the column in the centre, to correct the optical illusion of a swelling there, invented by the Greeks and quite essential if the column is not to look mis-shapen).
The 16 articles here cover such diverse topics as the movement toward a visual science of art, spatial organization principles in art, the origin of entasis (illusion, aesthetics or engineering), brain activity and implied motion in abstract paintings, designing visually rich textures, Piranesi and the "infinite prisons," gender's effect on the hemispherical laterality of Rembrandt's portraits, artful visions, visual interest during an aesthetic experience, illusions of movement, a universal model of aesthetic perception, portraits and the recognition of face images, fractal-like image statistics, statistical regularities of art images, disassociating pattern and perceptual differences in oculomotor behavior, and the science and art of autosterograms.
He believes that the refinements in the earlier buildings are an extension of the idea of entasis to other parts of the building.