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a slight convexity in the shaft of a column

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He believes that the refinements in the earlier buildings are an extension of the idea of entasis to other parts of the building.
Or the Lovely Lane Methodist Church in Baltimore (1883), whose burly stone tower tapers expressively like the entasis of a Doric column.
Plaintiff) verses Entasis and Hal Kolker (Defendants) regarding the parties' ownership and management rights and obligations of Tickets2Nite, LLC.
Lea re-read Vitruvius for the formula on entasis and applied it, having the columns turned on a lathe.
Designed and Built by Brian and Aaron Ojala with the Entasis Group and owned by the publisher of LUXE Magazine, the residence was named 2009 Custom Home of the Year by the Home Builder's Association.
In his effort to "overcome the inertness of stone architecture and make the building appear as a vital animate thing," Lewis writes, Furness employed "the whole repertoire of expressive Greek devices-column contraction, supple moldings, stylobate curvature, and, above all, entasis.
OTCBB:MOVE) disclosed today that on December 24, 2002, it instituted suit against its partner, Entasis, LLC.