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something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied)

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the red one) and then probed to see whether they could derive the correct entailment relation (i.
the elements for compliance with the doctrine of entailment (also known
The idea is that, if certain implications of an utterance project, then they are not conceptual or semantic entailments of the utterance.
2009): (a) evaluation of the relational repertoire, (b) sequential and errorless training, (c) firstly training with nonarbitrary relations and then with arbitrary relations, (d) use of several sets of stimuli with several dimensions and functions, (e) use of different training formats, and (f) assess transformation of functions through mutual and combinatorial entailment.
The literature on "exhaustiveness inferences" of clefts generally has focused on one goal: to clarify their nature as far as the typology of semantic-pragmatic inferences is concerned--that is, to determine whether it is an entailment, a presupposition or some kind of implicature.
The antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verb synset can be obtained in verb data file (data.
The analytic-recipe theory drags truth-making away from entailment and towards causation.
These different effects of responsibility and causal attributions can be explained by the entailment model that was proposed by Bradbury and Fincham (1992).
Dejnozka (Union College) challenges the views on logical relevance of Anderson and Belnap's Entailment, in which they write that the modern classical tradition gives no consideration to the classical notion of relevance that was central to logic from the time of Aristotle.
Chapter 5 deals with entailment, presupposition (focusing on definite descriptions), and structural ambiguity.
NICE has been advancing this technology through the EXCITEMENT project- Exploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT - which was established within the framework of the European Commission FP7 program for research and innovation.
From the consideration of these examples, Stainton draws three important facts about sub-sententially conveyed propositions in general: (i) they can be true or false, (ii) they stand in entailment relations, and (iii) at least some of these entailment relations are form-based.
Their enrolment is entailment of their professional commitment, hardworking, sense of duty and dedication and now they will be assisting the apex Court in interpretation of the Constitution.
Those febrile symptoms Derrida attributed to real d'arckive are refrained by Walford Davies as an intellectual entailment, passed from one generation to the next through the alternately anxious and hopeful "cradle song" of critical discourse (126).
Reason, at the very least, involves categorization, entailment and inference.