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(architecture) the structure consisting of the part of a classical temple above the columns between a capital and the roof

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Surviving decorative features include an entablature above the opera house's impressive columns detailing the places where Patti sang around the world and her favourite musicians and composers.
The classical elegance of this piece, ornamented with Greek-key banding and an open-pedimented entablature atop scrolled brackets, reflects the Palladian architecture popular at that time.
On the other side of the street, two columns 25 meters apart, one of which is joined to the neighboring wall by a rich entablature, are said to have been part of a kalybea, a religious building unique to this region.
Palisades Sill) and without the expected entablature of contorted joints.
has restored the building to its prewar state and transformed it into fashionable lofts, preserving the white stone pilasters and entablature, red brick Corinthian columns and arches and wrought-iron balconies.
The post has a base and a shaft crowned by a capital which joins to the topping called entablature.
IT looks, to my inexpert eye, not unlike a wedding cake, a faintly Baroque concoction of royal icing, all fluted, piped columns and chamfers, cornices and cresting, not to mention entablature, pediment and frieze.
In each case (David's anointment by Samuel, his presentation to the enthroned King Saul, David's arming for battle, and his marriage to Princess Michal) the canopy above the figures consists merely of a semicircular arch swelling upward from an entablature that extends horizontally to either side.
Da Castello was also a collector of manuscripts and the builder of the palace now known as Palazzo Prosperi-Sacrati, famed for the portal with its entablature held aloft by putti.
To use architecture to buttress this point, I argue, although explaining details of the entablature some architectural historians hold the view that form follows function, Horst Woldemar Janson (1913-1982), the legendary art historian, counter argues that form precedes function in architecture.
The town's signature Roman columns--monumental Corinthian columns topped by an elaborately carved entablature, perched on a hill above the road from Geneva--were placed there in the late 1950s, and are thought to have originally been a part of the portico of the forum's area sacra.
He proudly placed his signature in the broken entablature in the left foreground.
In the same way that Charles Jencks has identified the self-conscious classical architecture, with its principal columns and entablature, with European fascism (Jencks 1987, 46), so do the dome and minaret become the universal properties of Islamic fundamentalism.
soaring classical columns and entablature of the city's
In addition, we notice the "unprecedented combination of a relatively high entablature .