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When the stamens of a flower suddenly spring towards the pistil, or slowly move one after the other towards it, the contrivance seems adapted solely to ensure self-fertilisation; and no doubt it is useful for this end: but, the agency of insects is often required to cause the stamens to spring forward, as Kolreuter has shown to be the case with the barberry; and curiously in this very genus, which seems to have a special contrivance for self-fertilisation, it is well known that if very closely-allied forms or varieties are planted near each other, it is hardly possible to raise pure seedlings, so largely do they naturally cross.
One paternal kind precaution he had taken to ensure my having a companion.
I desire to ensure your absolute fidelity, so I take you into my confidence to this extent.
In the first place, I saw darkly what the nature of the conspiracy had been, how chances had been watched, and how circumstances had been handled to ensure impunity to a daring and an intricate crime.
November 29, 2004: Five offences of failing to ensure a child attends school.
With any system it is important to ensure that the feeding and weighing equipment is compatible with the raw material being handled.
Each consultant is also an expert in technology, in part to maximize business efficiency, but also to help ensure their clients are able to harness the technology at their fingertips.
Clearly companies need to review their agreements with agents and brokers to ensure they are receiving adequate information concerning the customers.
To ensure that security is maintained for encryption operations, processes must be put into place that allow for complete control and security of the keys used to encrypt and decrypt the data.
This step proves especially important with emergency medical personnel, firefighters, and coroners; managers should ensure that their personnel determine not only what these first responders did while inside the scene but also what they saw that may have changed before police arrival.
records disposition procedures that ensure that destruction is authorized and adequately documented (metadata and destruction forms must be retained, especially for electronic records)
Ensure the risks, impact, and mitigation plans are appropriately addressed during program and portfolio reviews.
We help ensure health by addressing toxic substances and waste disposal, and we secure our heritage by providing an understanding of our land, our oceans, the history of life, and a comprehension of our planet.
Experienced Master Experts or Experts were assigned to coach all Expert-led and Specialist-led projects to reinforce learning and ensure successful completion of their projects.
The Risk Analysis should use the Security Matrix described above as a tool to ensure that all risks are identified and evaluated.