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following immediately and as a result of what went before

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Patna (Bihar) [India] February 19 ( ANI ): The Congress on Monday approved the candidature of Shambhu Singh Patel as the party candidate for the ensuing by-polls to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar from Bhabua constituency.
The state governments of Uttar Pradesh and Meghalaya are preparing preliminary project reports (PPR) on the two ensuing projects, to be endorsed by the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) of the Government of India for Asian Development Bank (ADB) financing.
Meanwhile, Secretary Election Commission Kanwar Dilshad while talking to this scribe told that ensuing elections will be held in 2018.
The policy also contains the following provision related to the list of exceptions to coverage, including the vandalism exception: "[A]ny ensuing loss to property described in Coverages A and B not excluded or excepted in this policy is covered" (ensuing loss provision).
The police psychologist sent to talk him down begins to suspect there is an agenda behind this suspiciousseeming suicide bid, while the prisoner's brother takes advantage of the ensuing chaos to carry out a plan of his own.
The ensuing portions of the book take place initially in Angola during a time of great unrest in that and neighboring regions of Africa, where apparently half a million Cubans were sent by Castro to preserve that country's Marxist government (referred to as Cuba's Vietnam).
Does this explain the attitude to loss of life by the hierarchy in the ensuing horrendous four years?
Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said he was hopeful that their ruling party, NPF, would do well in the ensuing State general elections slated for February 23 next.
Both men were killed in the ensuing clash with security guards in the incident that took place at about 11 am.
From the slaughtering of the buffalo to forcing the Lakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne off the land, the loss of a way of life and the ensuing generation's attempt at coping are presented and investigated in this account.
Ali Mohammad Abu Abbas and Ammar Mohammad Hussein were killed in the ensuing gun battle.
In the ensuing debacle, the doors to the art theater were physically torn off their hinges.
What he created over the ensuing years was a UW football program that would win three Rose Bowl engagements in the 1990s and by the time he retired after the 2005 season ended, was one of Wisconsin's all-time success records as a UW football coach.
Although news of the deal was reported in May, sources say that the negotiations cooled in the ensuing months because the bank had concerns whether the space would constrict its ability to grow.
The ensuing investigation may also turn up more serious indiscretions.