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This universal style of question could have as easily been put by the Ndembu shaman, where, procrastination by a family in bringing in a diviner, has resulted in the death of an ensorcelled kinsman.
131) While such accounts appear rather dismissive of feminine agency, they are also somewhat recuperative of the status of female ancestors, who some suggest may well have been individuals of some status before becoming ensorcelled.
English racism against Africans has ensorcelled Ocol's mind: "He says we are all Kaffirs" (35), sending him back to his homeland self-hating and destructive of the very people he was raised to protect and guide:
Such philosophers, refusing to recognize the postmodern semiotic revolution, are "sleepwalkers, as it were, now in an intellectual culture which can no longer avoid the Way of Signs, but ensorcelled in a circle of 'epistemology' and 'critical philosophy' determined not to see beyond itself, veritable zombies of philosophy.
Banks such Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, and Morgan Stanley, the three stars of Wall Street, were left to fall in the trap of toxic derivatives until they sank in them, as these banks were ensorcelled by their hunger for quick and high profits.
Petite and almond-eyed, hobbled by bound feet or legs wrapped tight in kimono, inculcated in ways to serve men, the Asian female ensorcelled.
The night before the quest for the Holy Grail is to begin, every adult in King Arthur's castle nods off into ensorcelled slumber.
Two other stories are dystopias: one about two brothers who are ensorcelled by the money they find in the apartment of a dead, miserly housemaid, and the other about the breakdown of a community of pet shop animals who fail to value their commonalities while insisting on their species-and specious-differences.
One winter night at a party, made bold by some Chablis, we snuggled, touched, groped, kissed -- and I remember being completely ensorcelled, enchanted.
Now, she held them captive - without chains; ensorcelled - without witchcraft; and, lying stretched like some primeval monster in the sun, her breasts freely bared, she watched, with a malignant eye, the efforts made by these puny mortals to tear their lips away.
He also said that the hypocrite [Blair] became megalomaniac, and was ensorcelled by Washington.
However, and somewhat contrary to the analysis of discontinuities and power/knowledge formations that one might have expected from a curator who has organized exhibitions around Foucauldian concepts like "governmentality," Buergel was obviously ensorcelled by the existential pathos that summoned art--and a mega-event such as Documenta--to the service of humanity and "being.
A trade partner's house is a safe zone; its immediate environs, particularly the base of the ladder leading onto the verandah, are ensorcelled by the host so that anyone with less than honourable intentions toward guests will be struck down with some more or less dangerous malady.
Among the museum's dusty rooms--which are devoted to absurd themes like forestry, metallurgy, and ensorcelled sounds (whatever that means)--are two oddities I especially enjoy: the Technology of Electronic Computation section, which features midcentury Russian and Polish computers and devices that look like props from Solaris, and a tableau vivant of mining uniforms that is reminiscent of a cheap Kraftwerk set.
Larry believed that the ghost of George's father-in-law ensorcelled George as a result of this breach.