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  • verb

Synonyms for ensnarl

to twist together so that separation is difficult

to gain control of or an advantage over by or as if by trapping

Synonyms for ensnarl

entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh

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Yet the case of Manta-Manaus demonstrates that the logic of such infrastructures is permeated with its own dreams and desires, which become ensnarled in complex and counterintuitive materializations.
Having traveled all over the state and throughout the country speaking about emotional intelligence in the workplace, career limiting habits and the capacity to influence, I have sensed that happiness is shrinking like a piece of saran wrap ensnarled around a pungent onion.
We contend that unexamined English monolingualism is ensnarled within the larger atrocity of unacknowledged privilege.
On the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, the Jewish owner of the LA Clippers continued to get himself ensnarled in a race related scandal.
Instead of free speech, we now have regulated speech that has ensnarled elections in a web of bizarre and opaque rules.
As Francis tried to make his way in from the airport July 22, crowds surrounding the pope's car were so frenzied it apparently spooked his police escort, causing the motorcade to make a wrong turn and become ensnarled in chaos.
Di Giorgio used "Di Giorgio Farms" in particular when the corporation again became ensnarled in labor strife during the 1940s.
While Jayne remained ensnarled in the snot of 1970's New York City, I returned to my then-teaching post in Sacramento from where I annually souljourned back to the Apple for poetry readings/book parties, lectures, revolution & Henry Dumas bizness.
By the early 1950s, Du Bois, who married Shirley Graham in 1951, found himself completely ensnarled by the "Red Scare" and domestic anti-communism.
This competition appears to benefit small, homogeneous suburbs that can directly enact the uniform will of the electorate over large, diverse cities that are often ensnarled in conflict between competing interest groups.
In a poignant nod to manners, Little Blue Truck becomes ensnarled in a traffic jam, where it implores short-tempered city vehicles to calm down and to proceed one at a time.
17) Central Asia, then, is a porous conception, and remains ensnarled within shifting geographist, or ideological positions, an open-ended and contested territorial categorization.
Without the votes to do so through traditional legislative means, Republicans resorted to the filibuster, providing the latest entry to a long list of reasons why Americans have grown disgusted with a Congress that has become hopelessly ensnarled in partisan gridlock.
Modern concepts of sovereignty and territorial integrity have ensnarled both China and India.
Some of these wall paintings had ensnarled entire rooms in private apartments, complete with lamps and consoles, to defamiliarize inhabitants' experiences of their homes, while others drew attention to design features commonly overlooked or taken for granted by visitors in public exhibition spaces.