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  • verb

Synonyms for ensnarl

to twist together so that separation is difficult

to gain control of or an advantage over by or as if by trapping

Synonyms for ensnarl

entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh

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Without the votes to do so through traditional legislative means, Republicans resorted to the filibuster, providing the latest entry to a long list of reasons why Americans have grown disgusted with a Congress that has become hopelessly ensnarled in partisan gridlock.
Some of these wall paintings had ensnarled entire rooms in private apartments, complete with lamps and consoles, to defamiliarize inhabitants' experiences of their homes, while others drew attention to design features commonly overlooked or taken for granted by visitors in public exhibition spaces.
Serrano, Rights Ensnarled in Dragnet: Immigration Statutes Used to Hold Suspects Indefinitely and Detain Material Witnesses, SEATTLE TIMES, Sept.
The building of the school, fire station and other improvements became ensnarled in a dispute between the developer and Palmdale city officials.
To me, she was a brave and beautiful 16th-century Princess Diana, ruled by her heart, ensnarled in events she couldnAAEt control.
CPAs not ethically focused can be ensnarled in the client's schemes, which is particularly of concern in tax law, although not so limited.
As Oliver's division became increasingly ensnarled with other units on French roads, he was summoned to headquarters.
The neo-colonialisms that Pakistan (tied as it is to United States' dictates) and India (becoming embroiled in the economic net of global market economies and moving away from its previous proudly held non-aligned status to closer economic and political dependency/ cooperation with the United States) find themselves ensnarled in are of a different kind altogether than the neocolonialism that the Palestinians suffer.
Banks said: "I had barely caught up with the latter half of the 20th century when here I am being ensnarled by gizmology from the 21st.
Musgrave) ("While the Goodridge case remains on the books, court dockets all over the country will continue to be ensnarled with same-sex marriage litigation as opponents of traditional marriage continue to fight to expand their agenda to the rest of the country.
A leader works hard to ensure his people do not become ensnarled in unnecessary company bureaucracy and politics.
Moreover, Adams says, the paid e-mail model would translate into real savings for all companies, who too often find too much of their IT resources ensnarled in anti-spam prevention.
Some companies may discover they have fled from broker to banker for safe cover from RESPA's yield-spread premium uncertainty, only to become ensnarled in a host of new and equally complex regulations and audits.
Often in dusty libraries in America, England, Western and Eastern Europe, their pursuit of the legend and the vampire himself progresses through three generations of scholars and loved ones, ending with the young daughter/granddaughter who must find her parents, who have become ensnarled in the legend but still have a chance of redemption.
Children may become lost or ensnarled, and some of their music may go missing without teachers and other musically proficient adults to help the young along, however.