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Even as he beguiles and ensnares the reader, taking us on a tour of that House of Fiction gone to seed since shuttered by landlords Jacques Rivette and (more to the point) Alain Robbe-Grillet, he repeatedly apologizes for the fact that he is only able to approximate his father's eerie spiel.
Advantages are lost, deuce starts to spin, ensnares the turning eyes, drags their desire from right to left to urge one player 'Win
Helen Dixon, dancing with grace and fluidity as the sweet young Cecile, finally succumbs to her fate after incredible leg tussles and complicated turns as Valmont ensnares her.
Toward that end, Bishop Jakes serves as a spiritual coach, or guide, for those who are temporarily stuck in disappointment and regret and want to climb out of the mire that ensnares us all at one time or another, or poised for a place in the spotlight.
The titular Lee is a prostitute who ensnares Victor - a man obsessed with sex since boyhood - with her sensual charms.
Nature is crafty and draws away many; she ensnares and deceives them, and always proposes self as her end.
Far from liberating a person, it ensnares them in a lifestyle that can never respond to the deepest longings of the human heart.
Tracing the slow, inevitable descent of a hapless and largely innocent WWI veteran-turned-hobo, the film casts Paul Muni as a man whose single misstep ensnares him in a sadistic "corrections" system with an insatiable appetite for its pound of flesh.
All kinds of garbage, ranging from fishing nets to trash from cargo ships to litter on the beach, finds its way into coastal waters and the ocean, where it traps, ensnares and entangles marine wildlife such as marine mammals, sea turtles and seabirds.
The new mine, scheduled to be produced in 2001, will deploy a net that ensnares its victim and may discharge a cloud of pepper spray or tear gas.
And she painted a grim picture of the cycle of defeat that ensnares a cashless campaign.