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Synonyms for enslave



Synonyms for enslave

to make subservient or subordinate

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make a slave of

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Enslavers were wrong, but their families were strong.
This volume looks into a human drama in which enslaved African people and their descendants struggled to survive against their enslavers, their environment, and sometimes one another.
Maryland slave-owners liked to point that out and present themselves to the world as the enlightened enslavers.
While older more seasoned Congo practitioners view it as representative of colonial enslavers, practitioners in their mid-twenties and younger view it as a metaphor rather than a parody of the Christian Devil.
Chatterton's African warriors are shown recovering from a bloody battle with European enslavers whom they did not manage to stop from abducting their kin, including Gaira's wife Cawna and their children.
Throughout the book, pragmatic colonial enslavers, wealthy British merchants, and ambitious planters in neglected British colonies seek every opportunity to commodify captives and leverage their positions within the intercolonial trade to improve their own positions.
This narrative was used by white enslavers to support the enslavement of Black people, to "demonstrate" that Black people were born to serve others because of their "servile" and "docile" nature.
God will hold accountable the enslavers of the day," he said in response to a worker who related the harsh working conditions she had to endure.
Adams went on to say that, "In his culture, the takers of ships, the enslavers of men, the Barbarians who extorted bribes for safe passage were all justified by the teaching of the prophet Muhammad.
We told of the women bound to Scotland the enslavers by witchcraft and one woman so traumatised by her ordeal that she became mute.
These biological policies are just contemporary incarnations of centuries-old practices honed by enslavers.
When enslaved bodies were not being violently coerced, they were being violently displaced and even violently conjoined to each other and to the bodies of white enslavers in the interest of economic, sexual, and social increase.
Near the capital are historical sites such as The Point of No Return and Tree of Forgetting, around which slaves were forced to march in the belief that doing so would cause them to forget and therefore not haunt their enslavers.