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Synonyms for enslave



Synonyms for enslave

to make subservient or subordinate

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make a slave of

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It's time for the descendants of the colonialist, enslaver criminals to really pay for their past crimes.
Eventually, Hubert, who officially serves as Razye's adoptive father but is legitimately his enslaver, dies, entrusting Razye's care to his son, Justin.
When she is discovered by her husband and he explains the dangers of literacy for a slave and an enslaver she immediately stops and appears to feel betrayed by young Douglass.
In Arabic, he and his group chant: "Hands that degrade and hurt a small child trying to free himself from the enslaver, the conqueror who came and conquered our lives, ruined the colors of our hope.
The piece is set in Atlantis, whose ruler was characterized by ancient writers as a tyrannical enslaver.
Wheatley was named by and after her Boston enslaver, a distinction readers should never ignore despite her being the first African American woman to publish a book in the colonial US.
Slavery enslaved the enslaver more completely than the slave, and as inheritor of the patriarchy Faulkner was himself born into such a slavery, a prisoner to the ancient ancestral fears and hatreds of a misled social order which was itself inheritor of a long line of desiccated fathers motivated by an invidious dread in the face of the feminine principle's elementary ability to create, nurture, and sustain life more perfectly than any creation, nurturance, or sustenance they themselves could muster.
While traveling with his enslaver in 1736, the boy succumbed to a disease contracted after contact with Europeans, and after his death he was hastily buried on unconsecrated ground (because he wasn't a Christian) on the shore of Morecambe Bay.
His is a bitter hard life, which suggests that no one involved in the business of bondage, slave or enslaver, has it easy.
Notation is not the enslaver, the oppressor of spontaneity and improvisation.
Thus, one group, the enslaver, will be treated more favorably than the enslaved.
It was generally conceded that Vesey was originally named Telemaque by his enslaver, Captain Joseph Vesey, and his crew and that the name eventually evolved into Telmak and Denmark.
Arab-Americans are used to tired Hollywood images the enslaver of virgins, the ardent lover (maybe I can live with that one), and lately, the terrorist.