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fodder harvested while green and kept succulent by partial fermentation as in a silo


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Silage is a basic material for animal feed in the form of grass or leguminosae kept fresh through ensilage process.
Working through literary and archeological evidence, he addresses the staples first, including cereals (parching, threshing, winnowing, ensilage, processing of porridge grains and bread grains and breadmaking), olives (processing, cleaning, storing, pulping, pressing and clarification of oils), wine (harvesting, treading, fermenting, clarification and aging) legumes, vegetables and fruits, animal products such as meat, fish and milk products, and the all-essential condiments such as salt, sugars, acids and spices that figured so prominently in food processing and preservation.
Normal ensilage fermentation safely eliminates the poisonous principle.
In some areas this includes steering moose away from highways or buying ensilage from farmers to reduce damage on young pine plantations (Gundersen, unpublished data).
In any case, it may be concluded that coffee pulp ensilage is a valid alternative to handling and storing the huge amounts of coffee pulp produced in the factories around the world which process coffee fruits.
Field pea is one of forages that is difficult to ensilage and silage additives must be used during ensilage.
According to Frank and Redman, [8] the connection between pH of silage and dry matter can play prominent role in presentation of the degree of success achieved in the ensilage process.
The ensilage process is a technique that consists in preserving foddering plants through acid fermentation adequacy, in which lactic acid bacteria convert soluble sugars into lactic acid [15].
Silage is produced from greenery (weeds or legumes) kept fresh from ensilage process.
2] generated by the fermentation of ensilage containing nitrate, is a particularly striking example of nitrogen dioxide poisoning.