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  • verb

Synonyms for enshroud

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to prevent (something) from being known

Synonyms for enshroud

cover as if with a shroud

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The skill with which he uses humor to recount recent challenges brought on by an enduring Jewish encounter with unsettlement likewise ascends to heights anew in his latest novel, Elsewhere (Andernorts, 2010), a narrative that enshrouds the writer's own ventures through a subtle intersection of character and motive.
IGR J11014-6103 also is producing a cocoon of high-energy particles that enshrouds and trails behind it in a comet-like tail.
Score your pork fillet down the middle and place this on top of your black pudding so that it enshrouds it.
Team member Prof Martin Ward, head of physics at the university, said: "Together with the other instruments aboard the JWST, MIRI will probe through the dust that enshrouds parts of the Universe and give astronomers a clear view of how stars and galaxies form and evolve.
The direction in which the poetic consciousness is moving signals the overarching concerns of the writer, whose multi-conscious persona grapples with the perceptible and imperceptible darkness that enshrouds the mind.
They perceive that a fog enshrouds the world of innovation, obscuring high-potential opportunities and making success a fleeting phenomenon.
This year Alissa stumbles into a subterranean crypt and is compelled to open a child's coffin there, only to find the hypnotic plant which enshrouds it takes ahold of her.
In the new theology this celestial pinnacle is occupied by The Market, which I capitalize to signify both the mystery that enshrouds it and the reverence it inspires in business folk.
Panic as they reach for their masks The mist that hovers, an eerie green To the soldiers can be clearly seen They know what fate they will befall As this creeping blanket enshrouds them all The roar of the battle rumbles on This whole Battalion's life's blood gone Only 10 minutes out of four years But they'll be remembered with pride and tears The Eleventh Month The Eleventh Hour The Eleventh Day To all who have fallen; our respect we pay
The look on the captain's face if a yorker turns into a half-volley, the coach's reaction if a lofted drive transmogrifies into an uncultured hoick, these thoughts dominate one's thinking when that cloud of negative expectation, which is bad form's all-powerful enforcer, enshrouds the wretched cricketer.
But the 44-year-old admitted all his experiences of the madness that enshrouds Old Firm clashes have prepared him for anything the biggest game in the world can produce.
A dense cloud of smoke, perhaps drifting from a nearby barbecue, enshrouds him as he stands in a backyard patio garden ready to serve.