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  • verb

Synonyms for enshrine

Synonyms for enshrine

enclose in a shrine

hold sacred

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The statement said the shrine "glorifies Japan's wars of aggression that caused huge loses and pain to the peoples of neighboring countries and enshrines its war criminals.
A description of the ESHoF including a list of all past enshrines is included on the website (www.
Treasury Economic Secretary Ian Pearson said: "The Fiscal Responsibility Bill enshrines the Government's consolidation plans in legislation.
If political leaders pressure the shrine to enshrine Class-A war criminals separately, they would be violating the principle of the separation of state and religion under the Constitution.
The new Constitution is a privateer's charter that effectively enshrines the pursuit of free market liberalisation and consequent public service cuts into law.
A 1997 law enshrines Orthodox Christianity as Russia's predominant religion and pledges toleration of Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.
It enshrines the public's right to vote without council interference.
It has been a source of controversy because it enshrines 14 World War II Class-A war criminals.
Currently, there are 50 world renowned enshrines including Wilber and Orville Wright, Thomas Edison, Enrico Fermi, George Washington Carver, Buckminster Fuller and Jonas Salk.