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Synonyms for enshrine

Synonyms for enshrine

enclose in a shrine

hold sacred

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Labour have welcomed the Government's pledge to enshrine the principles of the military covenant in law but said ministers were "doing the right thing for entirely the wrong reason".
It will also enshrine the portraits of all LPC Headliner Award recipients, which has been presented annually since 1982 to individuals for their meritorious service to the livestock industry.
Congress should soundly reject any attempt to enshrine into the Constitution a particular religious viewpoint on a matter of such fundamental religious importance.
Deloire stressed the need to enshrine freedom of press in Tunisia's future constitution, since "freedom of press is a gain not only for journalists but also for the whole society which needs free and professional information.
But I would rather not enshrine in law that women are discriminated against.
Summary: ALGIERS -- Trade Minister Mustapha Benbada said Thursday, while presenting two bills relating to trade practices and competition at council of the nation, that these two statutes were intended to enshrine ethics in trade.
Surely you are not suggesting that I move to another state because you and a small group of fundamentalists want to enshrine discrimination into our state constitution.
What supreme irony that the very concept our former Prime Minister strove to oppose is actually attempting to enshrine Thatcherism as a legal requirement across the EU.
The new amendment is an important symbolic shift, one meant to enshrine the rights of entrepreneurs in Chinese law.
Why does everyone appear to be in a rush to enshrine him in Cooperstown?
The Smithsonian Institution recently announced plans to enshrine the Enron ethics manual.
TUNIS (TAP) - Several political parties called, on Monday, on Women's National Day, to enshrine equality between men and women in the new Constitution.
Shadow defence minister and Durham North MP Kevan Jones urged the Government to rethink its decision not to enshrine the military covenant in law.
23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Press Club urged Egypt to bring to justice those responsible for abusing reporters in that country and to enshrine press freedom in its new constitution and other laws.
Even if she's right in her interpretation of the old law, there's nothing stopping her from authoring a new one that would enshrine the LAUSD's needs - not the DWP's.