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Synonyms for ensanguine

to cover with blood

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After exhausting all the resources of fraud and falsehood, during years upon years; after exhibiting a combination of dastardly meanness with ensanguined daring, such as the world has not often witnessed; you have now the hypocrisy to bend the knee before the most degraded of mankind, and to sue and whine and howl for mercy
Behind another chariot drags the erstwhile hero, the ensanguined black hair of that once-charming head now hoar with dust.
but with a sudden hand Made bare his branded and ensanguined brow, Which was like Cain's or Christ's--Oh
Warren's discovery of Italy's bloody history through his reading of Dante in Italian led him to "the vision of an ensanguined Eden which characterizes his version of the romance of southern history.
Falkland is Bluebeard, Godwin says, and Caleb Williams "the wife, who in spite of warning persisted in his attempts to discover the forbidden secret, and, when he had succeeded, struggled as fruitlessly to escape the consequences as the wife of Bluebeard in washing the key of the ensanguined chamber .