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Synonyms for enrollment

the act of enrolling

the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time


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The increase in screening and enrollment was specific to activities conducted only by the study coordinators who had defined a plan of action with CSSi; rates increased further when considering advertising and outreach activities.
Although higher education had exhibited quite healthy skepticism for new management models (note the rapid death of Total Quality Management in higher education), enrollment management nonetheless became a common response to these megachanges.
With this information, carriers can enhance or fine-tune their enrollment strategies to better meet the demands of both employers and employees and differentiate their company from competitors.
For plan years beginning after 2007, plans that offer automatic enrollment and meet certain requirements are exempt from the usual nondiscrimination tests that apply to employees' elective deferrals and employer matching contributions.
While Masterson has not yet calculated the effect on enrollment, he has felt the "buzz" caused by the focus groups and related ads.
The trustees increased its tuition costs for the upcoming year by nearly 10 percent, without input from the enrollment team, and announced that it needed a significantly larger incoming class of 700 freshmen to serve a budgetary need.
However, some directors provided a different view on enrollment when they indicated last summer was lower than most of the past five summers (22 percent), and some camps reported their worst enrollment (13 percent) for that five- year period.
Kindergarten enrollment at Pico Canyon Elementary School has been limited to 140 students, and school officials said so far there doesn't appear to be an overflow this year that would send kids to another school.
An analysis of the relationship between enrollment and the number of high school graduates shows a strong correlation.
Not surprisingly, enrollments in most pulp and paper programs now have also shrunk by more than half.
In the two years after acquiring a new or first sex partner, the probability of infection did not differ by women's sexual experience at enrollment.
Additionally, residents' enrollment status must be reconfirmed each term to maintain compliance.
Given their findings on school and enrollment growth, Grew and Harrigan caution other historians not to exaggerate the importance of evidence of parental resistance to education.
Barbara Fritze, vice president for Enrollment and Educational Services at Gettysburg College (Pa.