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Synonyms for enrol

register formally as a participant or member

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Since Congress passed the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, which revised the way Medicare was funded, FHS health plans offering Medicare HMO products have left 64 counties, affecting 38,000 enrollees nationwide.
Enrollees choose a primary care physician who then serves as the entry point to the health care system.
The tendency of an insurance company, or an entire category of insurers such as HMOs, to attract healthier enrollees is called "favorable" or "biased" selection.
About 10% of all enrollees in 1999 and 25% in 2000 had no Medicare+Choice plan available in their area.
With the expectation that more Californians will be covered by private insurance under health reform, access to specialty care for Medi-Cal enrollees is of particular concern.
Determine psychiatric inpatient days per 1,000 enrollees.
The intervention group consisted of all enrollees with PCPs in the seven physician organizations that began assuming risk under the program in 2009 (physician groups could choose whether to accept the terms of the AQC).
Medicare Part D enrollees - about 1 in 10 - are overwhelming satisfied with this program, as found in the survey by Medicare Today.
When asked whether the remaining funds would be enough to cover claims through 2014--when enrollees will be transitioned to the state health exchanges--Mr.
But a May study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a nonprofit research organization, found that 67 percent of employees enrolled in CDHPs reported "excellent or very good health," compared with 59 percent of enrollees in traditional plans.
Federal policymakers are particularly concerned about rising drug prices as the federal government has assumed greater financial responsibility for prescription drug expenditures with the introduction of a prescription drug benefit to Medicare enrollees in January 2006, known as Medicare Part D.
These states account for over 60 percent of all SCHIP enrollees nationwide and represent all four census regions (Smith and Rousseau 2005).
The Kaiser Family Foundation's "National Survey of Enrollees in Consumer Directed Health Plans," released about one month ago, is a study in contradictions.
1) The study revealed that female Medicaid enrollees aged 10-15 who sought pregnancy care, abortions or contraceptives had more than double the odds of other Medicaid enrollees in the same age-group of being victims of sexual abuse by a caregiver during the five-year study period.