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a person who enrolls in (or is enrolled in) a class or course of study

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It is appropriate when the enrollee is given a choice between higher- and lower-cost options.
Under the plan's guidelines each enrollee was required to choose a group practice affiliated with the plan and to choose a primary care physician (family physician, internist, pediatrician, or obstetrician-gynecologist) at or before the time of first utilization of care under the plan.
Kaiser Permanente, a big managed care company, might have to pay an average of about $32 per month per enrollee, or a total of $355 million, into the program because of its own enrollees' lack of obvious chronic conditions.
Paying extra cash to insurers with enrollees who have big claims.
Eligible MA plans in these states, upon CMS approval, may offer varied plan benefit designs for enrollees who fall into certain clinical categories identified and defined by CMS.
MEDICARE ADVANTAGE plans with relatively low premiums and high levels of cost-sharing ended up with healthier enrollees in 2008 than did other Medicare Advantage plans, the U.
Thus, the pre-SCHIP experiences of the recent enrollee sample serve as a counterfactual for the SCHIP experiences of the established enrollee sample.
A CDHP is a high-deductible health plan coupled with a savings account enrollees use to pay for health care.
Once it is determined that the enrollee appears in both the MSIS and EDB data sets, it is necessary to determine if the enrollee was eligible for both programs at the same time.
The GAO found one Medicare fee-for-service enrollee who ran up $3.
Through these changes, CMS seeks to support benefit flexibility and efficiency that allows Medicare enrollees to choose the care that best fits their health needs.
Second, we find that the enrollees in the program tended to be not only older but also relatively sick, suggesting that the cost per enrollee of the ACA expansions may be greater than expected.
We find that new enrollees had first-month claims experience that was nearly $29 lower per enrollee than that for those who were continuously enrolled.
Public health insurance exchanges and issuers of "qualified health plan" (QHP) coverage can decide for themselves whether to release their first batch of official federal enrollee experience survey results.
Throughout the history of Medicaid, little has been known about cross-state enrollee migration.