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A special enrober for enrobing caramel into biscuits.
An automatic feedback control loop can provide precise control of coating weight and volume in real time via small, automated adjustments to the enrober.
Continuos systems featuring process equipment, such as the Ultracoater enrober and an ultrasonic guillotine, allow different types of product to be made at varying rates from one caramel kitchen.
Included on the stand are the following: the Sollich TTS 320 Mini Chocolate Enrober with built-in tempering and a 3.
Also on the stand will be three types of chocolate enrober, the 2.
Various machines available in the test room include a Junior 620 enrober with cooling tunnel, AEN 250 tempering machine, 500 and 1000 kg chocolate tanks, small cream tanks, a Tempa 200 tempering machine and Baby Flex enrober.
Its continuous caramel systems include highly innovative process equipment such as Ultrasonic Enrober and Ultrasonic Guillotine which provides the key to flexible production lines.
They tell us this unit is especially suitable for aerating fresh cream with a 30 to 35% fat content, or with various sugar contents, without stabilizers, to give a five-day shelf-life, Also on their stand will be a Chocotech TTS 320 mini chocolate enrober with automatic built-in tempering capability and a 2m long ambient cooling conveyor with transfer paper feeder.
Safeline Inc of 6500 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Florida 33634, USA, fax: (813) 881-0840 have brought out a micro-processor-based metal detector for wide band inspection at the outlet of an enrober or oven.
5 metre wide beltings handling bread roll products and indeed the company supplies one of the foremost chocolate enrober equipment manufacturers with a 1830 mm wide enrober band for what is probably the world's largest chocolate enrober.
This unit is a fondant enrober made from stainless steel, designed to enrobe sponge cakes with fondant icing and give a uniform covering.
5m wide belting handling bread roll products and Wire Belt supply one of the foremost chocolate enrober equipment manufacturers with a 1830mm wide enrober band for what is probable the worlds largest chocolate enrober.