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The ganaches can be elegantly enrobed in chocolate, or experienced in its purest form without a chocolate shell at all.
In the vein of the long line of Estonian women poets, Ehin's poems delineate a background of ancestral voices, enrobed in the shades of everlasting nature, upon which her own sincerity weaves new patterns.
The Pierre Herme Paris Bonbons de Chocolat selection includes Makassar (salted-butter caramel mousse ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate) and Ouvre-toi (sesame praline & sesame nougat, enrobed in milk chocolate), among others.
Nosh This - Honey-Walnut Fleur de Sel Caramel - Enrobed in 72% chocolate and made with Bay Area Bee Company honey and organic walnuts
These addictive treats begin with crisp salty pretzels that are enrobed in sumptuous white confection coating, then adorned with sugar crystals for a festive appearance; perfect for hostess or holiday gifting.
Sourced from Thailand, the product features farm-raised white shrimp enrobed in Panko bread crumbs.
An intensely fruity raspberry liquid centre was enrobed in white chocolate while other winning flavours included Sicilian lemon and the ultimate champagne truffle.
The bridesmaids carried autumn bouquets enrobed in kiwi vines and bound with thin hemp roping.
She picks up the muddled sentiment, enrobed or entombed in various sundry ointments or obscuring prescriptions, and out falls the sentence, from the single voice embossed.
Chocolate creme alone or with a caramel center is sandwiched between two crispy bicuits and then enrobed in chocolate.
Two varieties of Chocolate Seeds are available: Chocolate Seeds enrobed in smooth dark chocolate.
For Valentine's Day, choose between a molded-chocolate box filled with truffles in flavors like perfectly balanced bittersweet Meyer lemon or litchi-rose and the cutting-edge European layered cake enrobed in mousse.
Uses: Macaron fillings, enrobed or molded chocolates
BlissBites feature SheerBliss pomegranate ice cream enrobed in a delicious cloak of real dark chocolate.
I chose a cake that looked like a chessboard, with alternate plain and chocolate sponge squares chequered across the slice, enrobed in rich dark chocolate (pounds 1.