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Enrobed and filled confectionery and bakery products such as praline style chocolates, confectionery bars and chocolate coated biscuits are popular with customers.
provides a comprehensive review of quality issues affecting enrobed and filled products
Also ready for your indulgence are Cafe au Lait Cheesecake, Tiramisu Classico, Vanilla Bean Cake, Strawberry Short Cake, Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake, Caramel Apple Crumb Cake, Dulce De Leche Cheesecake, and many, many more.
For chocophiles, you can't go wrong with a box of these new, intense, velvety-smooth chocolate confections (made with chocolate and cream) that are enrobed in a thin coating of white or dark chocolate.
Chocolate Almonds - Fisher's carefully selected, premium almonds are enrobed in a layer of rich chocolate, for a flavor combination second to none.
Caramel Cappuccino", a caramel swirled coffee ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate, and "Coconut Cafe Latte", a coconut swirled coffee ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate, are both currently available in four pack boxes.
Promoted as "The perfect marriage between East and West," the product features ice cream made from mango fruit enrobed in chewy sweet rice.
Even Williams-Sonoma is on the designer marshmallow kick this year, offering homemade squares sandwiched between graham crackers and enrobed in milk chocolate for $19.
The Legendary Lovers V Collection includes delectable selections like Mudslide (A rich, cream-flavored white and dark chocolate ganache with Bailey's Irish Cream and vodka, enrobed in dark chocolate), Milk Chocolate Pistachio (a homemade pistachio praline layer over a milk chocolate ganache) and Raspberry Wasabi (a raspberry pate de fruit over a milk chocolate ganache infused with wasabi powder, enrobed in dark chocolate).
The first run includes four packs of ice cream bars in both "Caramel Cappuccino" a caramel swirled coffee ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate and "Coconut Cafe Latte" a coconut swirled coffee ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate.
The La Boulangerie Delice aux Cerise is a soft chocolate sponge topped with cherries, enrobed with a rich chocolate mousse and finished with a chocolate flavoured glaze.
Chocolate pasta with raspberries enrobed in chocolate sauce.
2--Color) Jennie Gibson, left, Indelisa Villalobos and Bertha Zaragoza line up caramels on the conveyor belt before the candies are enrobed in chocolate.
Hot Stuff manufactures and distributes a broad line of branded food product solutions including Hot Stuff Food On the Go([R]), SmashHits Deli[TM], Summit Subs([R]), Mac's Market([R]), C-Street Bakery([R]), StoneWilly PIZZAHOUSE[TM], GAME TIME SPORTS GRILL[TM] and Lettieri's([R])branded and private label products, including breakfast sandwiches, enrobed hot dogs, stuffed baguettes, calzones, burgers and breadsticks.
From crumbly, fudgy caramel enrobed in creamy white chocolate to silky smooth liquid caramel in a milk chocolate shell, House of Dorchester's new Caramel Connoisseur Collection has been carefully made and hand finished by master chocolatiers in the heart of Dorset.