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liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered

a thin soup of meat or fish or vegetable stock

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Of the six specimens from six volunteers that were PCR positive but culture negative, none were culture-positive after subculture from the enrichment broth, but
All the stool enrichment broth lysates were negative for stx and rfb O157 genes.
Adding 1ml milk directly to 9ml of the Enhanced EB Enrichment Broth and extending the incubation period to 8 hours enables the sample effects to be reduced, very low numbers of bacteria to growth to detectable levels giving a dynamic range of 1-10,000/ml.
5%) of the 40 salad samples after culturing in enrichment broth (Table 1).
Number of MSSA and MRSA strains in pork and beef, by culture system, the Netherlands, 2006 * ([dagger]) Single enrichment broth Total no.
The filters were put in 90 mL of vancomycin mTSB enrichment broth and incubated at 37[degrees]C overnight with agitation.
Ideal for enrichment prior to plating on selective media such as Harlequin[TM] Listeria Chromogenic Agar, it is also highly effective as a secondary selective enrichment broth following primary enrichment in, for example, Half Fraser Broth.
Specimens were ground and placed on Columbia agar containing 5% horse blood and Schaedler enrichment broth and incubated aerobically for 3 days and on Schaedler agar containing 5% horse blood and incubated anaerobically for 10 days.
coli O157 test can be used with a standard overnight (17 hours to 24 hours) enrichment broth or with the company's proprietary eight-hour media.
After being transported to the laboratory, samples and controls were placed in 250 mL of Selenite-F enrichment broth, incubated at 37 [degrees] C for 24 hours, and then plated on Salmonella-Shigella and Brilliant Green (Difco) agar plates.
sakazakii testing protocols are covered: CSEB - Cronobacter sakazakii Enrichment Broth (ISO); HarlequinTM CSIM - Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Medium (ISO); and HarlequinTM CSA-DFI - Cronobacter sakazakii Agar - DFI Formulation.
As many pediatric stool cultures are collected on swabs, GN or similar enrichment broth cultures are often added in this population.
A recent survey found that 89% of laboratories that process GBS specimens use selective enrichment broth media for GBS isolation (11).
As well as this enrichment broth, Lab M provides a full range of media for E.
Stored isolates were recultured for typing by using both sheep blood agar plates and enrichment broth (brain heart infusion and Vitox [Oxoid, Basingstoke, U.