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Synonyms for enrage



Synonyms for enrage

to cause to feel or show anger

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put into a rage

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THI-QAR / Aswat al-Iraq: An official in the Thi-Qar Provincial Council on Friday accused "Baathists" of enraging the protesters, noting security forces arrested three of the dissolved party who were among the demonstrators.
Software troubles plagued online brokerage ETrade for a second straight day Thursday, enraging investors who were unable to buy or sell stocks.
There must be lines that employers of Catholic humor are afraid to cross without really enraging a certain sector of their audience.
February) is certainly enraging, his alternative--putting airlines and airports in the business of providing security and punishing them with crippling lawsuits if they fail to deliver it--seems unworkable and unfair.
He shelved plans for a British vote, enraging France and Germany.