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Synonyms for enrage



Synonyms for enrage

to cause to feel or show anger

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put into a rage

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is likely to enrage Yes campaigners - Yes campaigners - followed Salmond's followed Salmond's - Record interview on Monday in which he said the corporation had acted like a "state broadcaster", helping the UK Government secure a No vote.
Many analysts argue that the hoax is yet another example of a frustrated opposition that is desperate and has no other choice but to enrage women so that human right activists may take to the street and galvanize the country against Islamists.
It is clear that the two incidents were preplanned to enrage Kannadigas.
His interpretation will enrage some and encourage others, as he radically modernizes the stories for the contemporary world.
It's a documentary with an attitude, which should entertain, enlighten, and might even enrage it's viewers.
And in a second offensive which will enrage French president Jacques Chirac, the PM plans to make a speech next month attacking Chirac's out-dated views on Europe.
Cape Enrage Adventures organizes canoeing and kayaking excursions that enable you to experience the Fundy tides one-on-one.