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Synonyms for enrage



Synonyms for enrage

to cause to feel or show anger

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put into a rage

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What do you mean by false pride at getting over sea-sickness?
Late in the afternoon he saw her upper works fade below the far horizon, but not before he learned that which confirmed his greatest fears, and caused him to curse the false pride which had restrained him from seeking safety for his young wife a few short hours before, when safety was within reach--a safety which was now gone forever.
There was no false pride in the resolute attitude which she thus assumed after her husband had forsaken her.
said Annie with a funny look, as Meg slipped the note into her pocket as a sort of talisman against envy, vanity, and false pride, for the few loving words had done her good, and the flowers cheered her up by their beauty.
False pride, I dare say, but it 's the truth, and there 's no use in dodging.