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  • adv

Synonyms for enquiringly

in an inquiring manner


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She pulled out the bud from one of her ears and looked at me enquiringly.
He cocked his head enquiringly, and Nick, not liking any of this, got to his feet, glad of the sword belted round his hips.
He sensed that I didn't hail from Allahabad, and smiled enquiringly.
A cuddly white rabbit hops into view, stops and looks enquiringly and disappears among the foliage just as quickly.
He looks out enquiringly, grey-bearded, no longer a dandy but in his painting outfit of cap and smock as if ready to counter adverse criticism of the sketch behind him of a redhead dressing her hair, which was to become one of his most famous pictures, now in the London National Gallery.
On a street or a train it would have been sufficient contact for the Newcastle forward to turn enquiringly.
While saying this, he looked enquiringly at my husband, as though expecting him to start praising my endless culinary abilities too.
As the fisherman approaches, the falconer's spaniels look enquiringly at each other, and his whippet, all four paws at attention, stares respectfully at such an admirable salmon.