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Synonyms for enquire

conduct an inquiry or investigation of

have a wish or desire to know something

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Letterblair looked at him from under enquiring eyebrows, and the young man, aware of the uselessness of trying to explain what was in his mind, bowed acquiescently while his senior continued: "Divorce is always unpleasant.
Her face was weak rather than decided, saved from insipidity by the large enquiring eyes; denied beauty, now that she was sheltered indoors, by the lack of colour and definite outline.
Rocke flinched before the steady gaze of those cold enquiring eyes, in which he fancied, too, that a gleam of malice shone.
But I am not enquiring of you who are the teachers who will corrupt Meno (let them be, if you please, the Sophists); I only ask you to tell him who there is in this great city who will teach him how to become eminent in the virtues which I was just now describing.
We are enquiring into the nature of absolute justice and into the character of the perfectly just, and into injustice and the perfectly unjust, that we might have an ideal.
When Western came into the hall, he there found Jones; who seeing his friend looking wild, pale, and almost breathless, could not forbear enquiring the reason of all these melancholy appearances.
On reaching what he deemed a suitable spot, the old man halted, and with an enquiring look, he seemed to demand if it possessed the needed conveniences.
We're just enquiring again about other players now and the goalposts have moved slightly, which is pleasing.
Nationally, prices have risen for the fifth consecutive month and more people are enquiring about purchases for a record-breaking tenth month in a row.
I've been enquiring about Allan for a long time but we'll wait and see
IN response to today's comments by Mr Justice Philip O'Sullivan, I want to apologise to the court and to the victim for any embarrassment or hurt caused by a contact made on my behalf enquiring as to whether a letter had been received from a constituent who is related to the accused and to the victim.