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I have made no enquiries, because I concluded you must have been obliged to give up the party.
He made many anxious enquiries about Mimi, and the doings of the White Worm, but Adam re-assured him.
She welcomed him with all her white teeth, and answering his enquiries by a head-shake of incomprehension led him through the narrow hall into a low firelit drawing- room.
I set enquiries on foot, and your letter was one of the results.
Stroeve knew from the enquiries made by the police that Strickland had walked out of the house immediately after dinner, and the fact that Blanche had washed up the things as usual gave him a little thrill of horror.
When Jones had spent the whole day in vain enquiries after Mrs Fitzpatrick, he returned at last disconsolate to his apartment.
Inspector Yardley - the stout fellow with the beard, you know - was just starting off in his dogcart to make enquiries round the neighbourhood.