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3% increase in passengers enplaned when compared to April 2011.
0 pts Passengers Enplaned 264,901 > > 242,797 9.
8% and the airline enplaned nearly two million passengers during the month, which is a 12.
The carrier said that the figures all represent all-time monthly records and figures for revenue passenger miles and enplaned passengers also represent records for the first quarter, while available seat miles represent an all-time quarterly record.
The airline enplaned a record number of passengers with 20,051,219 boardings for the year, an increase of 20.
The airport's current terminal expansion program, which represents the largest single CIP project at approximately $170 million, will address projected passenger demand through fiscal 2014 (4 million enplaned passengers).
which makes the airport the largest cargo airport in the world; consistently sound financial operations with a cost per enplaned passenger at a moderate $6.
A traffic unit is each enplaned and deplaned passenger as well as each 100 kilograms of enplaned and deplaned cargo.
Second placed carrier, Delta Air Lines has maintained a stable enplaned passenger base since 1998 and has conversely seen its share drop from 30% in fiscal 2000 to 25% in fiscal 2005.
Also, as a result of the diminished passenger flow, the airport's cost per enplaned passenger remains moderately high in comparison to similarly sized domestic facilities.
Although 50 airline tenants, providing international air service to different world regions, equate to a high level of diversification for an individual terminal and mitigate the risks associated with individual contract renewals, the top 5 airlines (Virgin Atlantic, Aer Lingus, El Al, Northwest Airlines, and KLM) represent a sizable 36% of the terminal's enplaned passengers in 2005.
The airport's estimated cost per enplaned passenger (CPE) of $3.
The airport's cost per enplaned (CPE) passenger for fiscal 2005 equaled a competitive $5.
Though cost per enplaned passenger is expected to exceed $22 at Dulles and $12 at IAD, these metrics compare favorably to other similarly sized airports.