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While those two standing in the middle of the floor were exchanging a few inaudible phrases no one else moved in the room: Laspara, with his back to us, kneeling on the chair, his elbows propped on the big-scale map, the shadowy enormity in the corner, the frankly staring man with the goatee on the sofa, the woman in the red blouse by his side--not one of them stirred.
It's almost an aggravation of the enormity, that we shall be out to-day.
If the Buffs proposed to new skylight the market-place, the Blues got up public meetings, and denounced the proceeding; if the Blues proposed the erection of an additional pump in the High Street, the Buffs rose as one man and stood aghast at the enormity.
It's a wonderful movie, whose subtheme is the enormity of the sacrifices made in wartime.
Speaking to Arab News, one expert said the punishments mentioned in the present law do not cope with the enormity of administrative and financial matters that currently take place in the Kingdom.
I recognised the enormity of the Triple Crown when we won the first won in 2004 because of the long time since we'd won one before then.
And perhaps he will realise the enormity of the blood-drenched crimes of his followers.
The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, with the support of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has unveiled a photography exhibition that captures the enormity of the loss that occurred at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 as well as the emotion and response felt in the wake of the events.
There is no better way to experience the shear enormity of Northern Ontario's vast boreal forest with its rugged wetlands than to travel through the towering conifers and mighty rivers that flow to the Arctic watershed.
Rather than being paralyzed by the enormity of the problem and its many barriers, we must attack the scourge that is pediatric HIV/AIDS because it is difficult.
Speaking today Peter Murray, brother-in-law of victim Keith Philpott, said: "The enormity of what they did has been hammered home to them.
The enormity of this claim becomes clear when we consider the power that the (divinized) Sea had in Canaanite mythology, where Yammu was a rival with the great god Baal (cf.
But the enormity of the impending pension liability -- which could be much worse were the stock market to sour -- ought to have everyone worried.
The reviewer speaks of Eisenman speaking of 'conjuring up the enormity of banality'.
Observers will need a powerful infrared telescope to peer through the dust and document the enormity of the population, the team notes.