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someone who appreciates wine


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A topic of special relevance to Greece is the a priori stance that many importers, journalists and enophiles take against cooperatives.
The land suitable for growing wine grapes is further limited by what enologists and enophiles refer to as terroir.
In particular, the issue of product quality is a matter of conviction to many enophiles, who will assert that the crucial distinction is between the production of good wines and of bad wines.
Shiv said he expects enophiles will challenge the results, since his subjects were not professional connoisseurs.
Die-hard enophiles had a big weekend March 27-28, as Rhone Rangers took over the Fort Mason complex and held a series of events to educate the public about Rhone varietal wines.
Crushpad is conveniently located in San Francisco with full-time winemakers ready to guide interested enophiles through the exciting process of making their own custom wine.
In the northwest corner of Mexico, Baja California is home to nearly 40 wineries, but even international enophiles seem largely unaware of the region's rapidly emerging wine industry.
WHO IT'S FOR Enophiles and hopheads who travel together.
Since July 2008, when he produced his first cyber-tasting featuring importer Eric Solomon and Catavino, the Barcelona-based bloggers, he has hosted about two wine tastings per month, drawing as many as 600 enophiles at a time, in as many as three time zones simultaneously.
The perfect solution for enophiles who crave the experience of making their own wine, but can't afford to spring for their own vineyard.
The issue of ageability is quite interesting to me, since wines that hold up well with time seem to be cherished by enophiles and wine snobs.
The Holzmans are big believers in participating in local activities and creating events of interest to enophiles.
Interestingly, these memory-challenged enophiles are not that far removed from Name Droppers, whom I consider a subset of Everyone Else.
Also, a core public of enophiles has been growing, as seen in the spread of specialized wine shops (enophiles were being groomed even in communist times, when around 1980, the state wine industry began offering a series of regionally specified, bottled-aged varietal wines at significantly higher prices).
Many enophiles, it seems, seek to save and collect wine labels, for both their beauty and for future reference, but that process is less simple than you might expect.