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the art of wine making


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Academic enologists and production winemakers used strain typing to control the implantation of inoculated organisms.
Maria Grazia, working with consulting enologist Attilio Pagli from Tuscany, picks the grapes a little early, to get good acidity and lower alcohols.
16, 1998) reports that a 16-member wine-tasting jury of priests and enologists (wine experts) awarded first prizes to Angelus, a British wine produced from French-grown grapes, and to the northern Italian wine Alleluja.
We are physicians and lawyers, professors, a few vintners, some enologists, wine executives, sommeliers, a handful of writers, a smattering of business people.
Pomar, which has already won two gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze medal in wine-tasting contests in France, now constitutes 23 percent of Venezuelan wine consumption and employs two full-time enologists - one French, the other Venezuelan.
The comprehensive range of topics covered in this e-book is valuable to a multidisciplinary readership including plant physiologists, enologists, microbiologists, wine makers, biochemists and students.
Annually the jury of the contest includes the most influential experts of the wine world: enologists, sommeliers, international judges, holders of the title Master of Wine.
On page 52, learn how to manage nutrition of wine bacteria to aid malolactic I JHp fermentation using advice from enologists in France, Germany and Macedonia.
After visits from enologists, tastings of other Chilean wines, and their assessment that Los Vascos could be No.
Both EU and non-EU countries are referred to, making this book a truly global reference for academics and enologists worldwide.
James Kennedy of California State University, Fresno, and respected Sonoma County winemaker David Ramey, along with other knowledgeable researchers and enologists who can help you improve your wines and manage your barrel budget.
Many enologists I meet would disagree, they are primarily concerned only with vineyard yield.
Giuseppe Martelli, Director General of the Association of Italian Enologists, confirms: "For the eighteenth consecutive year, this prize has established itself as the most selective in the world.
It's well known that temperature has a big impact on phenolic extraction in red wine fermentations, but enologists are learning more and more about this complex subject through research.