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a specialist in wine making

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The claim is based on the fact that wine undergoes very slow bottle maturation or what enologists define as a transition from a reductive state to an oxidative one.
Robert Niederman, enologist at Peruvian pisco producer Tacama, is a little more conciliatory.
An enologist brought me a bottle - of vinegar, not wine.
Wine is a milieu of chemicals that can interact," observes enologist Carlos Muller at California State University at Fresno.
Nate Klostermann, who joined the winery in 2005 as an enologist, assumes the title of head winemaker at age 31, the same age Soles was when he founded Argyle.
General Manager Will Beightol, a native of the region, has worked with the vineyard since the land was planted and is responsible for all day-to-day operations, while Enologist Stephanie Pao oversees winemaking operations under the guidance of Chief Winegrower Craig Williams.
There's been a recent quality renaissance, Don says, as locals figure out what grows well where, and what varieties blend to positive effect, led by the pioneering Hugo D'Acosta, an enologist educated in France and with winemaking experience in Italy and the Napa Valley.
In addition to having introduced classical standards required by the European markets, we have completely changed the system of work, starting from the grapes, as a raw material, to the finished product," says Venera Gelebeseva-Krstik, chief enologist at Skovin.
Maria Grazia, working with consulting enologist Attilio Pagli from Tuscany, picks the grapes a little early, to get good acidity and lower alcohols.
The realization that it's very complex can put an initial damper on their enthusiasm," says Judith Getaz, an enologist who teaches at the Ecole du Vin and is in charge of programming.
As a professor of wine chemistry, known as an enologist, Waterhouse is a little out of his element in his dissection of desserts.
At Concha y Toro, Rafael gathers his winemakers and enologist Goetz von Gersdorff around him like Napoleon and his generals.
Today the treatment is used on just about all wines, worldwide, according to University of California at Davis enologist Cornelius S.
She was subsequently promoted to Enologist and to Assistant Winemaker in 2013.
This year's yield was ideal, because we had excellent weather conditions, plenty of sun and little rain, which contributed to top-quality grapes, especially of the black sorts," says Marko Stojakovik, Tikves's chief enologist.