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an organic compound that contains a hydroxyl group bonded to a carbon atom which in turn is doubly bonded to another carbon atom

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Nos dois casos a face re do silil enol eter e protegida pelo grupo dimetil-t-hexila (Esquema 55) [52b].
Hence, the first emission band observed at 385 nm (COP-UAN) and 391 nm (UAN) can be interpreted in terms of the direct emission from the intramolecularly H-bonded enol form, whereas the emission with higher intensity (480 nm and 520 nm, respectively,) can be assigned to the "de-excitation" process from the keto form of urethane anil structure appeared through tautomerization process.
In contrast, for doubly substituted compounds we predict that in some cases (dinitro- and difluorosulphonyl compounds) the enol form should be predominant and in other cases (dicyano compounds) at least detectable.
The silicone-based transformer fluid, Dow Corning 561 Silicone Transformer Liquid (DC561) was manufactured by Dow Corning Limited (Barry, South Glamorgen, UK), and the mineral oil-based transformer fluid, ENOL C, was manufactured by the Oil Rafinery Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
Synthesis of optically active [alpha]-hydroxy carbonyl compounds by the catalytic enantioselective oxidation of silyl enol ethers and ketene acetals with (salen)manganese(III) complexes.
One could also propose that the degradation products of such gross over-treatment might mask the underlying enol groups and prevent the close approach of the two surfaces necessary for H-bond formation.
On one hand, it could mean that the sulfate is linked to an enol in the 3 or 17 position.
And yet Stratford were unlucky not to take an 18th-minute lead when Dan Summerfield's cross from the right was found Will Grocott but his shot struck keeper Enol Ordonez's upright.
Moreover, compound 4 may exist in four possible tautomeric forms, namely the enol form A, the keto form D, the enol-keto form C and the keto-enol form B as shown in Scheme-2.
Genius Int'l PT, Petromat Int'l, Enol Group, Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Wodociagow I Kanalizacji S.
McDonald had had one shot blocked a few minutes earlier before George Carline beat keeper Enol Ordonez to flick on a long throw from Jordan Cullinane-Liburd and this time the defender easily slotted home.
Evesham keeper Kevin Sawyer kept out early efforts from Matt Lowe and Neil Freeman and, when the pendulum swung the Robins' way, Lance Smith and Elliott Kennedy were denied by Enol Ordonez.
United almost edged it at the end when home keeper Enol Ordonez twice saved well, diving to turn away shots from Onyeike and Aboubakar Kone in quick succession before Yafai's effort.