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Synonyms for enmeshment

the condition of being entangled or implicated

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This terrible enmeshment of John James's and Margaret's narcissistic defenses must be borne in mind when considering the effect on John Ruskin of his parents' apparently opposite and balanced approaches to affection--his father's spendthrift ardor and his mother's preservation, order, and control of feeling.
In addition, for the LB group, Independence/Parental Control Conflict was negatively correlated with Peer Enmeshment (z = -2.
They also represent a feigned separation and individuation that actually masks the final step into a deeper, irretrievable enmeshment.
Evidence of rigidity or enmeshment in the family characteristics of depressed children and adolescents was not found.
While all these problems may indeed result from enmeshment, the life history interviews as well as my long-term observations of (and friendships with) a number of former teenage immigrants give evidence that the enmeshed family may also be a source of support.
Or she may seek the affection she once anticipated from her mate in her relationship with the infant, thereby infusing patterns of enmeshment into the interaction.
Recent work by Frank (1991) suggests that family enmeshment in bulimics tends to be unequally focused on issues of eating, hunger, and weight, leading to shame and guilt feelings focused on eating behavior.
Relational integration as intercultural highlights that encountering the other in ways that avoid enmeshment or assimilation will require individuals to be cognizant and respectful of difference (alterity) and will require specific intercultural skills and capacities.
Pursuing, but sometimes modifying Ian McKay's conception of Canada's "liberal order," I contend that the Canadian Reading Camp Association's enmeshment in a social gospel-inspired literacy movement can help us to understand some major questions about the operations of liberalism in early 20th-century Canada: how were leisure and culture used in the service of liberal government in the first decade of the 20th century--a crucial period of nation building--and how were workers presented with, and, in turn, how did they engage this culture?
This enmeshment of businesses in law was so intrusive and intense that--had it carried over to individuals--it would have been viewed as intolerable.
Others have come to heal their mother wound that may has left them with emotional paralysis, frozen feelings or enmeshment, disaffected with body image, fear of sexuality and sensuality or an inability to relate to self, God and others.
At the other end is the extreme enmeshment in shared delusional disorders.
For example, in confluence, the client and the environment become entangled because the client prefers enmeshment as a method for being accepted by others (Corey, 2009).
The linguistic echoes emphasize the later scene's enmeshment within two different gazes, with the external gaze invading into, and appropriating, the internal in order to gain visual mastery over the dead body of Greece.
In these essays, we hear the rhythm of running or walking feet, and the enmeshment of song, bodily rhythm, and craft, thus underscoring both the links among acting, materiality, mimetic skill building, and rhythm described by Cornford, as well as the induction of spectators into the rhythm of performance described by Woods.