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Synonyms for enmeshed

Synonyms for enmeshed

caught as if in a mesh


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Non-Spaniards emphasized their connections to Spaniards in the sanctioned domain, and used witchcraft in the unsanctioned domain, in order to get the freedom and rights that Spanish men had automatically--what Lewis calls "physical mobilities symbolically enmeshed with status ones.
The two families become enmeshed when Nancy's grandparents are called in to try to heal Dion's mother.
Cars and hostages get switched back and forth, captives and captors alike are horribly abused, and somehow a retired, drug-addled masked wrestler and a 4-foot-tall cannibal become enmeshed in the ever-more-complicated - yet, somehow, slower-moving - shenanigans.
Set in a time just before Saudi Arabia's Bedouin culture would become enmeshed in becoming part of an oil rich nation playing center stage in the world's seemingly insatiable demand for petroleum, Expatriate is a deftly woven novel of memorable personalities, an inherently fascinating culture, and the dynamic tensions between countries that is mirrored in an equally dynamic tension between the protagonist and two women from two different and differing cultures.
The glass wall opposite, over which a reflective film has been applied, mirrors the viewer, now enmeshed within the grid of monumental facial features.
will soon be enmeshed in the same kind of supranational, regional government that is now swallowing the formerly independent nations of the European Union.
Remarking on its four tall smokestacks enmeshed in a steel superstructure of catwalks and an open spiral stairway, the critic Herbert Muschamp quite properly calls this building 'a proud proclamation of faith in the power of industrial technology'.
Scientific teams armed with high-tech imaging devices are enmeshed in a search for interconnected brain structures that coordinate emotion and influence the emergence of mood disorders.
Brown left the speakership as he had come - securing just enough Republican votes to cling to the post until he was enmeshed in his next activity, running for mayor of San Francisco.
A review of the practices of the Arica Institute, and review of a booklet by Dorothy Ranahan called A Closer Look at the Enneagram, shows its close relationship to the Sufi's beliefs and how enmeshed the Enneagram workshops are in these forbidden practices.
Canada is doing a lot more that is newsworthy in the life sciences arena than finding itself enmeshed in a fray over its export of inexpensive prescription drugs to the U.
In trying to collect information for his article Paul becomes enmeshed in a weird set of circumstances that point to the professor's murder, not his death by natural causes.
Husky and powerfully emotive, Lynne's voice is marvelously enmeshed in a spontaneous, live-in-the-studio analog recording that makes you feel like she's pouring out her heart right there on the passenger side or the living room sofa.
Using the cooperative nursery school movement in Montgomery County, Maryland as a case study, the essay argues that these associations tended to pull members into larger public issues and networks; enmeshed members in communities devoted to democratic values and practices; and prefigured the participatory democracy to which so many social movements of the 1960s claimed commitment.
Following the clues in the text, the protagonist becomes enmeshed in a deadly riddle pointing toward a controversial treasure that ruthless religious factions will stop at nothing to obtain.