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Developed to deliver spreadsheet information in a quick, interesting, and understandable way, VRCharts enlivens numerical data.
Bucking the trend of retelling fairy tales in order to empower formerly passive heroines, Dokey's retelling of The Thousand and One Nights enlivens a heroine who is active and clever in legend.
A new headquarters for a German lighting manufacturer combines offices and workshops in a sleek, energy-conscious tube that enlivens a dreary public realm.
Some martial arts action enlivens the story, and there is some humor here, too.
In Santa Monica, Koning Eizenberg's social housing provides dignified, affordable dwellings for low-income families that also enlivens the public realm.
What enlivens the book is the use of personal stories and examples from actual teens that Ponton has encountered and helped.
Carme Pinos' inventive landscaping enlivens and civilizes a dreary suburb.
This colourful and imaginative scheme for illuminating a water tower in Glasgow transforms a utilitarian structure and enlivens the public realm.
With its striking form and energetic use of colour, this sheltered housing scheme in the Parisian district of Belleville enlivens both the public and private realm.
Such dwellings tend to be conservative in form, as well as modest in spatial and economic terms, but a new sheltered housing block in Paris by Architecture Studio attempts to challenge such stereotypes and enliven both the public and private realm.
Through its cheerful functionalism and playful use of metaphor, the building enlivens both its surroundings and the lives of its small users.