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Synonyms for enlistment

a period of time spent in military service

the act of enlisting (as in a military service)

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Enlistment reasons varied: Some joined to serve their new country and preserve the Union, some joined with friends and neighbours, but for most it was a job in hard times.
For Sailors who received an enlistment bonus, they will be required to repay the portion of bonus received for active-duty time not served.
But as his enlistment date neared, doubts piled up.
The team also supports enlistment stations in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Army recruiting has exceeded overall enlistment goals since 1979, but this trend may soon be reversed in wake of the recent economic expansion.
Early Enlistment Program generates nearly $1,000,000 in revenue for the Company's new wholly owned subsidiary Radioio Live and each Early Enlistment participant to receive 100 shares of Restricted Common Stock
Pre-Qualification: Class E and category a(i) for MES enlistment contractors and for other contractors documents require for enlistment in MES in class E and category a(i) as per enlistment policy letter
Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued certain criteria for enlistment of Hajj Group Organizers, which inter alia include obtaining a certificate from the SECP that there is no management dispute pending resolution and raising of authorized capital up to 7.
Annual enlistment got underway Friday, but military authorities could not yet tell what the trend is this year.
The bonus is not a lump-sum payment and the amount of the incentive depends upon when Soldiers decide to extend their enlistment contract.
It allows the military to extend service members' active duty beyond the term specified in their enlistment contracts.
Green is an intimate biographical account of the life of journalist Ben Green and his illusive enlistment into the United States Army.
The impending expiration of terms of enlistment on December 31 for many of Washington's troops further threatened to reduce his numbers.
The mood of national crisis in the summer of that year removed the antimilitary stigma and thus allowed men to combine selfish and selfless motives because a common patriotism masked the more practical reasons for enlistment.
And in the final two months of last year, the Reserves missed their enlistment targets last year by 30 percent--a sign of even greater problems to come.