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any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)

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Many of the noncitizen enlistees joined our nation's armed forces out of love for what they hoped would become their adopted homeland.
Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal), a third generation enlistee, arrives at Marine basic training eager to be initiated into "Jarhead" lore and discipline as he prepares for action in the Persian Gulf.
His hunting partner was the company's voyager enlistee and esteemed fiddle player, Pierre Cruzatte.
With current military weapons such as shot by Bruce Piatt, the company estimates that a typical fully trained enlistee would score service rifle 1.
Hodges's unit includes an enlistee from Harvard, mockingly nicknamed "Senator," a "pissant crybaby" who loses a leg yet gains a hard-won wisdom.
Mike Huckabee's 2008 campaign in Iowa, and was an early Pawlenty enlistee this time around.
The enlistee would likely think that it is a pretty sure bet that the commander would love to know about the enlistee's "rebirth," or worse, that a person who hasn't "gotten right with God" may be passed over for promotion, honors or other advancements.
Thus, the average enlistee is drawn from the middle class, not the urban poor.
The reader is introduced on the first pages to the primary adversaries in an ongoing battle, one that is about to be played out in court: Ann-Victoria Hadley, known as Anne-Vic, from the town's wealthiest family and now 91 years old, a Vassar graduate and later a Naval enlistee, known as a radical feminist and an atheist or--worse yet--a secular humanist [defined by the town as "someone who worships the devil and hates America] and who "hated stupidity more than she hated anything else on earth.
A US army enlistee is captured and is sent to a prison camp and puts his law degree to good use to defend one of his comrades when they're accused of murder.
Dean Ladd was a young enlistee in the Marine Corps at the onset of .
If this is the norm for recruiting transportation, with more fuel efficient vehicles we may be able to reduce the $7,900 per enlistee cost.
But spouses must be currently married and living with an enlistee.
Another documentary broadside against the war in Iraq, this time centered on Tomas Young, a 24-year-old Army enlistee left paralyzed from the chest down five days after arriving in Iraq.