enlisted woman

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a female enlisted person in the armed forces

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By the early '70s, the WAF squadrons began to dissolve, separate dormitories remained, and the organization was replaced with the Installation Resident for Military Women, an additional duty for a senior enlisted woman on base.
Staff Sergeant Brenda Thacker is another example of our devoted enlisted woman aviators.
It involved a retired Army Ranger from Texas convicted of raping and murdering an enlisted woman.
Kelly Flinn, the first female B-52 bomber pilot, for lying about an affair she had with the husband of an enlisted woman.
The National Public Radio program will feature profiles of Dorcas Cavett, the first enlisted woman in the Marine Corps; Alvin Josephy, a historian who recorded the first live audio tape of a battle; and Dorothy Solomon, a Vietnam veteran's wife who recalls the experience of learning that her husband's name would be carved on the Vietnam Wall Memorial.