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a serviceman who ranks below a commissioned officer

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Sergeant Cordova is the only enlisted person in his shop, which isn't unusual at AIRSOUTH where officers prevail.
RTS personnel were involved with top-secret activities, and consequently one enlisted person was required to stand guard every night to ensure there was no compromise of security.
Lieutenant General Christian Couture's statement "that people of his rank deserving than, say, an enlisted person in war-torn Afghanistan?
As the only enlisted person in the small office with a first lieutenant in charge, I was exposed to travel, freight operations, express services, motor pool operations an d the movement of personal effects.
I'm not a draftee or even an enlisted person who received this particular assignment.
This attitude has helped Williams to become the first black person to win the leadership award for the Enlisted Person of the Year for the Northeast Region of the USCG--and the only person to win it twice.
The military starts the newly enlisted person in boot camp to reduce fear and build courage to face all possible challenges in battle.
I will encourage my sons and will encourage any aspiring young officer or enlisted person to value EQ and SQ and to seek to balance who they are as a person and as a member of our Navy across these personal traits.
The ship has not designated at least one officer and one senior enlisted person for designation as operational risk management (ORM) assistants.
But as the most junior and only enlisted person on the team, Seaman Cory Duquette made evident that the opportunity is available for those who work hard as he placed third in last year's Marine Corps Marathon.
2 : an enlisted person in the navy or coast guard ranking above a seaman apprentice
SPC Lowery was recently named DAU's Junior Enlisted Person of the Year.
Challenge and change were the key messages the Air Force's top enlisted person brought to members of Air Force Reserve Command while visiting the headquarters at Robins Air Force Base, Ga.
In his duties as the magazine's senior enlisted person, he shared his vast knowledge of the Navy with incoming journalists.
She was not a registered nurse, who was always an officer, but an enlisted person, doing the work of a licensed vocational nurse.
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