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Synonyms for enlist

Synonyms for enlist

to become a member of

Synonyms for enlist

join the military

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hire for work or assistance


engage somebody to enter the army

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My goal is to do my part to build the future force and develop our enlisted team as we move forward over the next 12 months.
23, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Support the Enlisted Project, STEP, wraps up its Sharing the Joy holiday program.
Lovering, a shoemaker, was 24 when he enlisted Aug, 19, 1861.
Team mate 23-year-old Henry Cook who had been a teacher at Marton Road School and a South Bank player had enlisted in the Teesside Battalion at the start of the war like Andy and Don but he also played in the Boro's last game against Blackburn before the football league was suspended.
The expanded integration plan for submarines aspires to account for 20 percent of the enlisted crew comprised of women.
Whether providing military pay, civilian pay, travel pay, cost, or financial analysis support, our enlisted members' roles are crucial in the daily interaction with our customers.
Unfortunately, for too many enlisted leaders regardless of Service, especially senior enlisted leaders, the leap from Service-centric tactical-level focus to joint/combined/ interagency operational focus and mission exposure is immense.
Kilbride is the senior enlisted leader at the Barnes Center, and Gratz is the mission support di-rector.
The walkway will be lined with monuments to enlisted members who received the Air Force Cross medal," he said.
This was reportedly the first time a commander in chief held an official meeting with senior enlisted leaders.
Further information on enlisted applications to the Naval Academy can be found in ALNAV 046/11 at www.
The Signal Enlisted Community website consists of the Signal Enlisted Division home/community page (Figure 1.
Other force-shaping programs such as "Blue to Green" for officers and enlisted and the enlisted retraining program remain open.
Lackland AFB is the enlisted Gateway to the Air Force.