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Synonyms for enlightening

Synonyms for enlightening

tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance

enlightening or uplifting so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement


References in classic literature ?
You are a Line, but I am a Line of Lines, called in my country a Square: and even I, infinitely superior though I am to you, am of little account among the great nobles of Flatland, whence I have come to visit you, in the hope of enlightening your ignorance.
She bent over the map; the maze of coloured lines hurt her eyes without enlightening her; and when Bourais asked her what puzzled her, she requested him to show her the house Victor lived in.
The militia is drilling into a 'statu quo,' and the press is enlightening mankind with a 'semper eadem.
His passage across my field of vision was like that of other figures of that time: not to be forgotten, a little fantastic, infinitely enlightening for my contempt, darkening for my memory which struggles still with the clear lights and the ugly shadows of those unforgotten days.
Ginevra would have made a noble woman had her mother been capable of guiding her studies, of enlightening her mind, and bringing into harmony her gifts of nature; her defects came from the fatal education which the old Corsican had found delight in giving her.
The very heights and shapes and materials of these hills-- nay, even of the wide plain that lies between us and the sea--have in themselves the materials of enlightening books.
He meant her (thanks to his enlightening companionship) to develop a social tact and readiness of wit enabling her to hold her own with the most popular married women of the "younger set," in which it was the recognised custom to attract masculine homage while playfully discouraging it.
Colbert admired that sagacity which never touched a question without enlightening it thoroughly.