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Synonyms for enlightening

Synonyms for enlightening

tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance

enlightening or uplifting so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement


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The book is enlightening and breaks away from many myths surrounding the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
His presentation (and the others like it) demonstrated that stories are more convincing and enlightening than traditional academic approaches.
The book is also enlightening in a number of other respects, for example in its reference to Miss Hallie Q.
The language is understandable, intelligent, friendly, enlightened, and enlightening.
I want to thank you for the enlightening interview your magazine's contributing editor Den Gardner conducted with Linda Thrane, executive director of the Council for Biotechnology Information, which appeared in your April 2001 issue.
The book includes an enlightening discussion of this family, including the gender relationships within it.