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photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph

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One of the photographers talks about how the enlarger used to be built by hand if one could not afford it and how today, this kind of craftsmanship has completely disappeared.
In her photography, she claims that she did not use any artificial lighting, and the used enlarger she obtained from the Mississippi Highway Department had "only one shutter opening--wide open--and the only way you could control or graduate the exposure was by timing it, which you could learn by doing" (Introduction xiii).
When he came home to be mustered out in 1945, he brought with him an enlarger from Germany that remained his favorite throughout his photography career.
Adaptations such as voice synthesizer, screen enlarger, keyboard adjusting, document lector, developed with the aim of making easier the user-Web interaction.
Eastburn remembers developing Register-Guard film using tanks and reels and making photos for publication on a darkroom enlarger.
Printing the images: We used a Durst Laborator 138 S photo enlarger and primed oil Ilford Multi Grade IV photo paper; developing and fixing was done with Agfa's Neutol and Agefix.
Kate, using her own enlarger, blew up a few of the prints for friends.
Set the condenser enlarger at the right settings and expose the paper.
The recovered fibers were dispersed in glycerin and then analyzed with a photo enlarger system with variable enlargement.
The enlarger shines light right through the negative to a specially treated piece of paper.
I had taken my father's folding camera and turned it upside down and made an enlarger with a light bulb and printed black and white pictures in my closet, unbeknownst to him until he saw the pictures.
This is quite a technical bit of kit consisting of an adjustable dripper, an outlet fitting, a 2ft 6in length of pipe and a hole enlarger - which if I did not know better I would swear was a go lf tee.
He got his first gear, a Kodak Baby Brownie and a Federal enlarger, in 1937 at age twelve, and his one and only press card three years later for the New Smyrna Beach Observer, in Florida.
I find it far more philosophically appealing to imagine greater similarities and finer gradations among people, and to imagine a self-defense capacity that includes the ability to prevent the descent to lawlessness, to control misconduct even among those who have in the past committed crimes, and to enlarger rather than shrink the tolerance of local communities by equipping them with the capacity for self-defense and effective control through devices other than exclusion.