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Expanding the education definition will enable these groups to enlarge their activities.
New technology can help you reproduce and enlarge photographs, even Polaroids or older photos without negatives.
In one well, the XR 1200 reamer, in combination with the Geo-Pilot and FullDrift[R] bit-matched system, enabled Halliburton to drill ahead and enlarge a 700-meter section of Cretaceous chalk with hard stringers from 12-1/4 inches to 17-1/2 inches in less than 72 hours.
This seems a reasonable assumption based on one tradition practiced by the rubber industry, design and build a transfer mold with small diameter sprues and enlarge them, if necessary, to achieve a shorter fill time.
In the Decision Support System and Phase views, users can click within the view to further enlarge subsections of elements on the chart.
They would grid it, enlarge it and paint - and they also taught their students that way.
Telecom Italia has decided to enlarge its broadband network infrastructure, currently based on Cisco 7513 Routers and Cisco 6400 NAS platforms, with the introduction of the new generation broadband router Cisco 10000 Series.
The Clinton administration shouldn't place obstacles in the path of the democratic movement in Russia by trying to enlarge NATO at a time when there is no need for it anyway.
The Federal Aviation Administration wants a ``special master'' to coordinate the controversial proposals to enlarge Los Angeles International and Burbank airports, officials said Wednesday, but the proposal is angering expansion opponents.
In some cases, alcohol abuse or a viral infection damages the heart muscle so that the lower chambers, or ventricles, enlarge and fail to pump blood effectively.