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an endorphin having opiate qualities that occurs in the brain and spinal cord and elsewhere

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These substances are called endorphins, enkephalins and substance P.
Using a sensitive technique called mass spectrometry, the Florida researchers determined that once the hybrid enkephalin molecule was trapped in the brain, other brain enzymes stripped off its disguise, freeing the drug to perform its pain-relieving role.
Basal levels and alcohol-induced changes in nociceptin/orphanin FQ, dynorphin, and enkephalin levels in C57BL/6J mice.
These include [beta]-endorphin (which consists of 31 amino acids), dynorphin (13 amino acids), and the enkephalins (5-amino-acid peptides that end in either methionine [met-enkephalin] or leucine [leu-enkephalin]) (Kandel et al.
Leuphasyl[R], the extraordinary new pentapeptide that couples with enkephalin receptors to result in relaxed muscle contraction, dramatically enhances Argireline[R]'s effects.
According to Isabel Karle, the largest molecule so far analyzed by the direct method is the nervous system peptide, enkephalin, which consists of five amino acids and contains 230 carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms.
Diamyd Medical AB (STO:DIAMB) (Pink Sheets: DMYDY) reports that a Phase II study evaluating the Company's drug candidate NP2 Enkephalin did not meet its primary objective of reducing pain in subjects with severe intractable cancer pain.
It is thought that phenylalanine also serves to promote enkephalin activity, by acting as an enkephalinase inhibitor.
Measurement of leucine enkephalin in caudate nucleus tissue with fast atom bombardment-collision activated dissociation-finked field scanning mass spectrometry.
The cure in question is methionine enkephalin, a drug known as an "immune enhancer" that could be marketed as a nicotine-style patch to Aids sufferers.
CEO COMMENTS We report today that the Phase II study with NP2 Enkephalin did not meet its primary objective of relieving pain in subjects suffering from intractable severe cancer pain.
Over time, intermittent sugar access causes decreased enkephalin mRNA expression within the nucleus accumbens (Spangler et al.
Endogenous opioid peptides, such as beta-endorphin and enkephalin, function to inhibit pain and they are also the 'feel good' substances that are released following high levels of exercise or love.
Enkephalin is localized in the cell bodies of GABAergic neurons, the most abundant type of neuron in the CeA (Vemante et al.