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Synonyms for enjoyment

Synonyms for enjoyment

the condition of responding pleasurably to something

a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired

Synonyms for enjoyment

the pleasure felt when having a good time

act of receiving pleasure from something


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(law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property

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In a primitive state of society, the enjoyments of life, though few and simple, are spread over a great extent, and are unalloyed; but Civilization, for every advantage she imparts, holds a hundred evils in reserve;--the heart-burnings, the jealousies, the social rivalries, the family dissentions, and the thousand self-inflicted discomforts of refined life, which make up in units the swelling aggregate of human misery, are unknown among these unsophisticated people.
But he found that a traveller's life is one that includes much pain amidst its enjoyments.
Well, sir, the time must come when you will be paid for all this, when you will have little labour and great enjoyment.
My first enjoyment," replied John Knightley, as they passed through the sweepgate, "will be to find myself safe at Hartfield again.
Traditionally, the court pointed out, "by treating loss of enjoyment of life as a permissible factor in assessing pain and suffering, courts have given the term this broad meaning.
Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts was awarded 'Best Initiative in People and Talent Management' for its Natural Enjoyment initiative at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.
We've had many more people returning our surveys to measure enjoyment and they too tell us that visitor enjoyment is also up substantially.
The garden, which includes begonias, petunias, geraniums, lobelias and marigolds, may be hard work at times, but enjoyment, says Fred, is paramount.
Two of the five states with the lowest stress levels, Hawaii and Wyoming, also boasted the highest levels of enjoyment in 2012.
They calculated that the higher the final score for 'E', the greater the enjoyment of the pint will be.
The OBE - Order of Beer Enjoyment - is obviously long overdue.
Some television contest programs, such as Survivor, also encourage audiences to vote for their favorites in order to increase viewer enjoyment and ratings (Mandel & Nowlis, 2008).
There are some hunting gun shots throughout the year but that otherwise quiet enjoyment changes drastically every fall when daybreak is announced by gun fire six days a week starting before it is even light out and often extending into the darkness of nightfall.
I think they deserve a bit of enjoyment and I say this as a fellow sufferer with arthritis - not only do I have this wretched disease, but three life-threatening ones as well.
Reading enjoyment emerged as a prominent variable that influences reading attainment indirectly as well as directly.