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a person who delights in having or using or experiencing something

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People who are primarily interested in the Enjoyer strategy may choose to teach character dance technique informally.
Whatever way they are served, they are sure to delight the senses and exhilarate the enjoyer.
This nonpastoral vision of becoming not the leisured enjoyer of a bounteous earth but, in George Perkins Marsh's term, "a co-worker with nature," lies at the heart of Walden's georgic turn.
Lacan's subject as void, as the enjoyer of an endlessly deferred
This body is verily the chariot, the Self is the lord of the chariot, Buddhi is the charioteer, mind is the rein, Senses are the horses, the objects of the senses are the paths; The self associated with the senses and the mind is the enjoyer.
To cite but one example, jivatah purusasya kartrtvabhokrtvasukhaduhkhadilaksanas cittadharmah klesarupatvad bandho bhavati is translated with an impossible syntax: "bondage exists for a living being since the nature of affliction [is] having mental notions consisting of joy and sorrow, being enjoyer and doer, and so on" (p.
the enjoyer - parents who enjoy both work and family and are able to find a balance between them[7].
If, as Dewey argued, the self is in the first instance not a thinker but an "agent-patient, doer, sufferer, and enjoyer,' then much about Sidney Hook remains for his biographers to explore.
Tim Claye (firework enjoyer and dog owner) Coventry
Really, it's a true calling," Fran "Franny" LaPorte, Harrington's partner and enjoyer of dark beers, said.
PHOTO (Color) Comedian Lee Bayless of Valencia is the inventor, and a prime enjoyer, of the 30-pound L.
He said: "She was a listener and enjoyer of music and very knowledgeable.
And for the peace of you I hold such strife As 'twixt a miser and his wealth is found: Now proud as an enjoyer, and anon Doubting the filching age will steal his treasure; Now counting best to be with you alone, Then bettered that the world may see my pleasure; Sometime all full with feasting on your sight, And by and by clean starved for a look.
He's about to star as the ultimate enjoyer of bad health, Argent, in comedy classic The Hypochondriac.
No selfrespecting enjoyer of the harder edge of music should be without it.