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in an enjoyable manner

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Conducted with cooperation from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the exhibitions at the two museums will offer visitors of all ages an opportunity to learn enjoyably about the ocean's depths and its unusual life forms.
By working mindfully we can work more naturally, more enjoyably, more harmoniously and even more productively, he says.
In between Steven Osborne gives crisp and rhythmically alert performances of the Concerto for piano and wind instruments, by turns grave, astringent and jazzy; the quicksilver percussive Capriccio; Movements, one of Stravinsky's tedious incursions into serialism and the far more approachable Concerto in D which motors along enjoyably.
Many of them are enjoyably tart and range from Festive Friendly Fire, Santa being shot out of the sky to an old lady eating contest to "help out the DHSS.
Borrowing from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and a couple of shorts starring the title character that helmer Enrique Gato also directed, this enjoyably retro yarn straddles homage and plagiarism with an infectious brio that makes it the top Spanish animated feature of its kind to date.
I'm all for people learning to gamble enjoyably and well, expressing their own assessment of probabilities in cash.
The blunders distract from an otherwise enjoyably ridiculous caper that ventures high above the streets of New York where an escaped criminal engineers some sleight of hand from his vantage point on a narrow window ledge.
Le Mans Circuit" he further added, "will be running in Jordan for the first time ever, through the Royal Automobile Museum, opening the way to our visitors to experience and enjoyably live this superb episode".
Several of his later years were enjoyably spent at the family cottage in the Berkshires.
The Gay Divorcee is an enjoyably silly film, with its French farce plot and supporting cast of absurdist characters (an eccentric waiter, an over-the-top Italian fop, and the heroine's dithery, yet purposeful aunt.
The bridge looks enjoyably risky to use, and is in fact not for public consumption--it links the main house on the estate to a guest house, across the lake.
Yet with all this satisfaction, the prices are enjoyably modest.
It is clearly and enjoyably written and contains practical tips for pianists (especially in the chapter on the B Minor Sonata) and invaluable information for teachers about Liszt's pedagogical style (including an entire chapter on technical exercises).
However, if students understand what they are seeing, the book presents an engaging, informed way to absorb lots of social and political history easily and enjoyably.
Readers will relish reading Brendell Rogue Thief equally before a blazing winter fire, or as a way to enjoyably pass a long summer afternoon spent sipping iced tea and reading out on the porch.