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in an enjoyable manner

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Conducted with cooperation from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the exhibitions at the two museums will offer visitors of all ages an opportunity to learn enjoyably about the ocean's depths and its unusual life forms.
The bridge looks enjoyably risky to use, and is in fact not for public consumption--it links the main house on the estate to a guest house, across the lake.
Yet with all this satisfaction, the prices are enjoyably modest.
It is clearly and enjoyably written and contains practical tips for pianists (especially in the chapter on the B Minor Sonata) and invaluable information for teachers about Liszt's pedagogical style (including an entire chapter on technical exercises).
However, if students understand what they are seeing, the book presents an engaging, informed way to absorb lots of social and political history easily and enjoyably.
Readers will relish reading Brendell Rogue Thief equally before a blazing winter fire, or as a way to enjoyably pass a long summer afternoon spent sipping iced tea and reading out on the porch.
Idina Menzel is a powerful Elphaba--imagine Tori Amos as Thoroughly Green Millie--but Kristin Chenoweth can't help stealing the show with a postmodern Glinda who borrows heavily and enjoyably from Will & Gerace's Karen.
I FOUND Sanho Tree's article "The War at Home" (May-June 2003) enjoyably thought-provoking.
Pacific Opera Victoria's Der Zigeuner-baron, the first-ever Pacific Northwest production, was an enjoyably effervescent affair, its slight message of personal truth seamlessly integrated into its frothy, fun-filled surface.
For those on a tight budget, and with second or third systems that need a boost to run Windows XP enjoyably, Evergreen's Hardware Upgrade Bundles for Windows XP provide an affordable and effective choice.
Enjoyably written this will interest all those interested in English rural life, whether cricketers or not.
Each tube accommodates one adult and one child, and the ride uphill is nearly as fun as sailing down: You latch the hook on your tube to the rope tow and sprawl across for an enjoyably bumpy ride.
Our new Random House building will be a state-of-the-art publishing environment in which we can creatively and enjoyably devote ourselves to our books.
It makes for enjoyably sadistic reading throughout, but even in passages of especially inspired venomousness, one's pleasure is always qualified by the knowledge that almost everything said against the composer's work was the product of envy, ignorance, or reactionary reflex.
The booklet describes fitness walking techniques and suggests ways to safely and enjoyably walk.